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What we do

We assess the value of digital health technologies that offer the greatest potential to improve health and wellbeing.

A NICE approval gives developers the best chance of product adoption by the health and care system. Our endorsement adds credibility because of our high standards.

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How we can help you

We can help you to build the evidence you need to achieve market access and improve lives. Our aim is to improve patient access to the best digital health innovations.

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Office for Digital Health

The Office for Digital Health strives to accelerate our efforts to deliver innovation to the health and care system.

We work with partners to identify topics, develop evidence standards and support digital health policy development.

Scientific advice service

Our scientific advice service offers support for developers of devices, diagnostics and digital technologies.

We can help you to develop evidence that shows the value of your technology. And we can provide feedback on your plans.

AI and digital regulations service

We have developed a new multi-agency advisory service for developers and adopters of artificial intelligence (AI) and other data driven technologies.

Visit our new website to find guidance on understanding regulations of AI and digital technology in health and social care.

Health technology assessment (HTA)

We evaluate digital health technologies through 4 guidance programmes:

The programme we use depends on the technology and its expected impact on health and social care spend. The Office for Digital Health can advise you about our programmes.

Use our evidence standards framework

The evidence standards framework for digital health technologies:

  • sets out standards for the evidence needed to demonstrate a technology's value to the health and care system
  • helps developers with evidence development, and decision makers who are considering commissioning a technology.

An updated version of the evidence standards framework will be published in June 2022. The current framework covers fixed artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms only. The new version will include consideration of adaptive AI algorithms.

Current projects

AI in Health and Care Award

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Award is run by the Accelerated Access Collaborative (AAC). It aims to accelerate the testing and evalution of the most promising AI technologies.

We're supporting developers of digital health technologies selected for phase 4 of the award.

Classification of AI

We're working with academic and strategic partners to consider the implication of AI classification on:

  • evidence requirements
  • evaluation methods for HTA.

Exploring system priorities

We're working with NHSX to explore:

  • improvements to our horizon scanning capability
  • greater alignment of our guidance to system priorities
  • how the Digital Technology Assessment Criteria might be adopted and used by the system.

Case study: Reveal LINQ - a digital health developer’s journey through NICE

Learn about an innovative technology that we recommended, which has since achieved national uptake in the NHS.

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