12 September 2023

via Zoom

Final Agenda

The meeting will take place as a webinar via Zoom, a secure web conferencing tool. 

This meeting will run from 10.00am to 4.30pm, although timings may be subject to change. You will receive your invitation and joining link for this topic once registration closes. You will be able to join at the time stated on your invite.

Please note that this agenda is final and is subject to change before the meeting.

  1. Welcome and introduction to format of meeting - Part 1 only (open session)
  2. Code of conduct for members of the public attending the meeting - Part 1 only (open session)
  3. Minutes from the last meeting held on 13 June 2023 - Part 1 only (open session)
  4. Declarations of interest - Part 1 only (open session)
  5. Topic session - Skin cancer update   Part 1 only (open session)
  6. Topic session - Epilepsies in children, young people and adults (extraordinary review) - Part 1 only (open session)
  7. Next steps and timescales - Part 1 only (open session)
  8. Any other business - Part 1 only (open session)

To print this agenda, please right click and select ‘Print’ from the menu.

Important information on how to register

  • Click on the registration link at the bottom of the page and complete the Zoom registration form.
  • Please register with your full name and use the email address that you are registering with to join the meeting. Please ensure you type in the correct address. Also check that if you are using a work email address, that it supports the use of Zoom. If in doubt, use a personal email address.
  • Registration will close at 4.00pm on Tuesday 5 September  2023.
  • You will receive your invitation and joining link via email once registration has closed. You must click on the link to join. You will be able to add the link to your calendar.
  • You will be sent reminders up to an hour before the start of the webinar.
  • Information on how to join the meeting will also be sent to you once your invite has been sent.
  • We may not be able to accept any late requests or name changes after registration closes.
  • As this meeting is being run as a webinar, you will only be able to observe and listen to the business of the meeting, except where confidential information is being discussed. You will not be in the meeting “room” with the committee and therefore will not be able to participate in the committee's discussions, ask questions, take part in voting, or put your views to the members of the committee.
  • Please read through our common questions and answers about meetings in public document for further information on virtual meetings.

Privacy statement – These meetings are being held via Zoom either as a meeting or webinar and your name, email and IP address will be processed. We ask for this data to help facilitate the event and monitor attendance. We also ask you to share any accessibility needs that would support you during the virtual meeting. If the web meeting you are attending offers an interactive poll or Q&A session, participation is not mandatory, however your name may be processed with your poll responses and questions. We store this information in Zoom for 6 months, after which it is automatically deleted. After you have attended a meeting, we may also send you a feedback form so you can tell us about your experience and help us make any improvements. The feedback is anonymous and you cannot be identified. Further information about how we manage personal data at NICE can be found on our privacy notice – https://www.nice.org.uk/privacy-notice

Should you have any queries regarding observing this meeting, please contact the meeting in public coordinator.

  • Registrants wishing to conduct a research study on committee meetings and/or NICE processes will require prior permission. Contact the NICE Enquiry Handling team at nice@nice.org.uk.


As you are registering directly for the webinar on Zoom please make sure you note the meeting date and time in your diary. You will receive confirmation with your joining link and further information after registration has closed.

Date and time of next meeting 

The next QSAC2 meeting will take place on Tuesday 10 October 2023 at 10:00am via Zoom.

Please note all timings are approximate.