NICE medicines and prescribing associates

Our associates help us to support high quality, safe, cost-effective prescribing and medicines optimisation.

They can help you:

  • optimise the choice of medicines for individual patients in complex settings
  • improve engagement with patients, the public and other health and social care practitioners
  • use shared decision making when consulting with patients
  • reduce medication errors
  • support innovative new medicines.

Get involved

To get started, email us at and ask for your local medicines implementation consultant:

  • London - Michelle Liddy
  • Midlands and east of England - Shelly Patel
  • north of England, Northern Ireland and Isle of Man - Emma Lowry
  • south of England and Channel Islands - Kym Lowder
  • Wales - Michelle Liddy.

About our associates

Our associates are professionals working at the forefront of excellence across the UK. They work with us to create a national community of practice for medicines optimisation. We train and support over 90 clinicians across the UK from a range of organisations and professions including pharmacists, nurses and doctors.

Our associates work within their organisation and across their local health economy to develop and share ideas and examples of good practice.

Associates are not employed by NICE but have a memorandum of understanding with us.