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Guidance and quality standards in consultation
TitleConsultationTypeConsultation end date
Dupilumab for treating prurigo nodularis [ID4054]Draft guidanceTechnology appraisal guidance
Acute Respiratory Infection in over 16s: Initial assessment and managementDraft guidance consultationNICE guideline
Suspected cancer updateQuality standard consultationQuality standard
Kidney CancerDraft scope consultationNICE guideline
Targeted temperature management to improve neurological outcomes after cardiac arrestInterventional procedure consultationInterventional procedures guidance
Pharyngeal electrical stimulation for neurogenic dysphagiaInterventional procedure consultationInterventional procedures guidance
Efgartigimod for treating generalised myasthenia gravis [ID4003]Draft guidanceTechnology appraisal guidance
Diabetic retinopathyDraft guidance consultationNICE guideline
GID-MT575 GaitSmart rehabilitation exercise programme for gait and mobility issuesDraft guidanceMedical technologies guidance
Meningitis (bacterial) and meningococcal disease : recognition, diagnosis and managementDraft guidance consultationNICE guideline

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